10 Questions for 2019 – Preview

10 Questions for 2019 – Preview

Yes, it’s only October (known as Glocktober for all you Glock fanboys out there) but why not get a head start on our 2019 predictions? Will all these come true? Probably not but indulge us and continue to read on….The following topics will be covered in subsequent posts:

10. Is 40 cal officially dead?

9. Which long range caliber will reign supreme?

8. Will 22tcm finally get its due? Is it really as good as 5.7x28mm?

7. Will we ever get 50 state reciprocity?

6. Will suppressors ever be taken off the class 3 list?

5. Will the hearing protection act pass?

4. I hear horror stories about reman (reloaded) ammo. What’s the deal?

3. Is steel cased ammo really that bad for my gun?

2. What happened to Remington?

1. What will happen to ammo prices?

Love our posts? Hate our posts? Comment below and make sure to let us know what you want to see in future blog posts.

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