Is Wolf Ammo Any Good?

Is Wolf Ammo Any Good?

The short answer is yes, Wolf Ammunition is manufactured in accordance with SAAMI standards. For the purpose of this post, we are going to focus on steel cased Wolf Ammunition and ignore their Gold line with is brass cased. While there is a lot of misinformation circulating amongst shooters regarding steel cased ammunition, we went to the source and talked to Wolf executives about their products. Like many of you, we believed that steel cased ammo would be harder on ejectors, barrels, would foul up our guns more, and the list goes on. Below is a list of the top 10 questions about Wolf Ammo from Google that we will answer in this post:

Is Wolf Ammo Steel Core?

Wolf Ammunition contains lead projectiles with bimetal jackets and are not steel core. They make projectiles in Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Hollow Point (HP), Soft Point (SP), and Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT). They do manufacture copper jackets which will allow you to shoot them at indoor ranges but the vast majority of the ammunition you see for sale from Wolf is a bimetal jacket and is not safe for indoor shooting.

Is Wolf Ammo Any Good?

We wondered this same thing so we went and shot a lot of Wolf products through everything from pistols, to rifles to full auto rifles. After all the horror stories we had heard over the years about steel ammo being “trash” for lack of a more eloquent term we were skeptical but after several thousand rounds through CZ pistols, Sig pistols, Glock, and Springfield we were sold. The steel casing and bimetal jackets make for cheaper priced rounds compared to shooting brass cased ammunition.

So we decided to call Wolf executives to get the scoop on why steel cased ammunition gets such a bad reputation. To set the record straight, here’s a synopsis of what we were told:

      1.  Metal hardness is measured based off the Rockwell Hardness Scale, brass is a 1, while Wolf steel is a 1.1 on the scale. Your barrel is anywhere between 40-60. So not a material difference.
      2. Wolf primers are NON-corrosive.
      3.  They did admit that at 15,000-20,000 rounds through your firearm you will notice a small amount of more ware through the barrel wo which we laughed because at 15,000+ rounds, its probably time to replace your barrel anyway and with the cost difference between steel and brass, the savings will easily pay for a new barrel and then some.

Is Wolf Ammo Magnetic?

Most of the Wolf Ammo you see for sale contains a bimetal jacket and is magnetic which means you cannot shoot it at indoor ranges. The reason for this is if the range has a steel backstop, the steel in the jacket can pit and damage the backstop creating costly repairs. If your local range has a rubber backstop, bimetal jacketed ammunition can cause a spark as it hits other spent rounds in the backstop potentially causing a fire. Wolf does however make steel cased ammunition that has a full metal jacket made of copper that is indoor range friendly. We always recommend letting your local range officer know prior to shooting their copper jacketed ammunition so they don’t assume you’re about to torch their range.

Is Wolf Ammo Corrosive?

This is a common misconception about Wolf Ammunition, their primers are not corrosive!

Is Wolf Ammo Bad?

If you skipped ahead to this heading instead of reading the paragraphs above, check out “Is Wolf Ammo Any Good?”. Spoiler alert – we have had great experiences with Wolf Ammunition.

Is Wolf Ammo Bad for an AR-15?

Not at all! Because the hardness of Wolf steel isn’t significantly harder than the hardness of brass casing, it is not harder on the ejectors, their primers are not corrosive and the bi-metal jacket, while being marginally harder on a barrel, the wear won’t show up until significant usage. Think 15,000+ rounds.

Is Wolf Ammo Better than Tulammo?

Both brands come out of factories in Russia, we can’t tell a significant difference between the quality of the rounds and find both brands to be reliable in our test guns.

Is Wolf Ammo Bad For Your Gun?

We answered this question about the AR-15 platform above and the same answer applies to the rest of your guns. Wolf Ammunition is NOT bad for your gun. Many people think its dirtier because the steel case isn’t as forgiving as brass and so more spent carbon theoretically gets deposited into the chamber. We ran a test in our full auto of 150 rounds of steel and 150 rounds of brass and could not tell a difference in cleanliness but worst case scenario, you may have to clean your firearm a little more often than if you shot brass. It’s a small price to pay for the substantial savings steel ammunition provides over brass cased ammunition.

Is Wolf Ammo Good for AK’s?

AK’s will shoot anything due to their looser tolerances than other platforms. The price difference between steel cased ammunition and brass cased ammunition in the 7.62×39 cartridge makes steel cased ammunition from Wolf Ammunition a no-brainer!



35 thoughts on “Is Wolf Ammo Any Good?”

  1. I shoot a lot and have tried Wolf and Tulammo steel cases. I do experience more hang ups and misfires with both than with higher priced brass case ammo. I’m guessing the rougher steel doesnt feed as smoothly in the AR but SKS and AK’s seem to feed fine. I’m not trashing steel cases. I have single shot and bolt rifles that like them just fine. For the price I can handle a few jams and misfires.

    1. I have fired thousands of Wolf 9mm and have “never” had a misfire and I have shot more than a thousand rounds thru my AK-47 and again no misfires. For the cost the Wolf brand is the only thing I use. Why pay more? Made in America is always made the best.

        1. I haven’t shot Wolf for a long time But when I bought 500 rounds it shot like crap at 100 yards like 5 inch group’s off the beach even with pmc I could hold a 2 inch group out of my rock river ar 15 by the way pmc is crap at 200 yards I can hold a 4 inch group or a little better at 200 yards with federal eagle 5.56 again off beach

    2. Be carful about using steel case ammo in American made semiauto firearms. There are several companies that will void their warranty if you use steel case ammo because it erodes the chamber throat and after time it can cause excess pressures and become dangerous. I have spoken to Ruger and they are one that will not warranty if steel cases are used.

      1. Lorenzo R Garza

        Stop spreading wives tales. Nothing wrong with shooting steel. If your weapon can’t handle it, then your weapon is trash. A real weapon can shoot anything. Because in a SHTF situation, you can’t count on being able to get brass case ammo. And steel case does not produce more pressure that brass case. Brass expands and contracts, steel will expand and contract less. But a good weapon will still be able to extract the steel case. And the only way one metal can damage another metal is if one metal is harder than the other. In this case, the steel case “IS NOT” harder than the metal of the barrel. Learn how to do a bore bath and that will will also ensure that your weapon will run steel without a hitch. I have shot only steel in all my weapons (BCM, Aero, Precision, PSA, Colt, Anderson, Rock River Arms, Canik, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, yes Ruger) for years without a problem.

  2. I understand about supply vs demand these days, and am glad to see you selling 22 cal ammo at somewhat reasonable prices vs other vendors. Some others are selling the same ammo for 2 to 3 times your price. Will be using your company again!

  3. Thad J. Cornett

    I have always had good experiences with wolf ammo, when I started collecting military surplus rifles the first rifle being a mint 1916 SMLE Lee Enfield .303. I also the same day bought a CZ 82 and the only ammo the guy had was wolf FMJ. This was back in 2002 when both & 6 boxes of ammo were less than $250. I kept finding these rifles of many nationalities nearly every weekend and always priced $70 to $300 for a superb German G3. After a while I bought nothing but Wolf ammo except for my Enfield’s being I never seen Wolf 303 until years later. I could never say how many rounds I have sent down range using wolf or other brands made at the Tula factory. But I must say if you are sceptical in any way or to use in no mil surp firearms you will find it as dependable as any other. It’s just back then it was super cheap to buy. I even met two cops that will load the first two rds wolf just because they use it and would use it on duty but why when u are supplied. Hope this may either help or confuse someone lol. ” SHOOT & SCOOT”

  4. We have tried the Tulammo in an S&W Shield EZ 380 and a Springfield 1911 9mm and neither pistol liked it.

    No big deal since it was cheap and it was purchased for shooting at the range only plus hang ups at the range are good practice.

    1. I have nothing but problems with my Remington 1911R1 when I attempt to fire Wolf .45 APC through it. After the first 4 or 5 rounds my 1911R1 starts experiencing failures to feed and on average, I experience 2 malfunctions per 7 round magazine when using Wolf’s .45 APC ammo. I do not experience these problems with other manufacture’s .45 ACP ammo. Cleaning my 1911R1 is also more difficult and time consuming after firing Wolf ammunition.

  5. I can only fire approximately 5 rounds of Wolf .45 ACP ammo through my Remington 1911R1 before I encounter feeding problems. In a typical 7 round magazine I will encounter at least 2 stoppers. I also find cleaning my 1911R1 more difficult and time consuming when I fire Wolf ammo through it.

  6. We have shot lots of Wolf and Tula through our 9mm pistols. Wolf ammo did have a few hang ups, but given all that I heard that was bad about them, I was impressed with them, especially given that they were the ONLY affordable bullets to be had. We tried the Winchester forged with horrible results. For just target shooting, I have no problem using Wolf or Tula.

  7. Iv’e used Wold ammo for several years now without any type of failure. It is a very accurate round for the price and it has a long storage life. I would recommend this ammo to anyone. Of course if your looking for the best accuracy then you can try the Wolf Gold.
    Jeff Plummer

  8. Maybe I got a bad box (if that’s possible) but I tried Tulammo in my Browning semi-auto .308. Out of a box of 20, I had easily close to 10 misfires (actually non-fires. Will never buy this ammo again.

  9. Over my many years of shooting I’ve purchased a ton of Wolf and Tula Ammo and i only really had trouble with Wolf cycling in my Smith & Wesson MP15. No matter what i did to charge the initial round it just wouldnt go? That was back in 2012.
    Ive been building ARs since 2015 and those two brands are all ive used. I have been teaching my kids about shooting and the do’s and don’ts of shooting outdoors. ( i say teaching them not “training them” because its not training for an event that will never come. Teaching is knowledge about shooting safely , cleaning and parts function. There IS a difference)
    So Wolf and Tula are my go-to ammo for my rifles and pistols , I’d recommend the brands to anyone that asked.

    1. Don’t be so “defensive” about “teaching” or “training” Chris. Understanding the basics and above-all safety is needed by “All”. There is no need for any of us to be “ignorant”. Believe me, “I’m rootin’ for ya’, We’re all in this together”.

  10. I have used Wolf .22LR years ago and had good groupings. The box says Wolf Performance Ammunition .22 Long Rifle, Match Target 40gr solid non-corrosive 50 cartridges “made in Germany”. Not sure if they still make tammunition in Germany.

  11. I have used Wolf ammo before with no problem. The problem is that it is Berdan primed and not reloadable.

  12. In my experiance any feed or extraction problem can be solved with some 400 grit polish in the chamber. Even with the 308 in an AR platform.

  13. Why in the world would any true patriot buy RUSSIAN made ammo and support the RUSSIAN economy?! Spend a couple of dollars and buy American.

    1. I would answer that by saying that it likely was in the country far before the war. I understand your comment but I also want to support our local merchants and buy their inventory. I also would state while I am not in support of what Russia has done there are some pretty disturbing facts coming out on the Ukraine.

      On in particular of a video of a doctor ordering his staff to castrate wounded Russian soldiers because they are nothing more than “cockroaches”

  14. Wolf and Tula 5.56 do not have the same pressures as Nato 5.56 and are vastly underpowered to operate a ar15 especially a SBR . Bottom of the barrel.

  15. Damian Guerrero

    I’ve been running steel cased ammo through my AR pistol for about 4 years now and approximately, 5000+ rounds. Only issue I seem to have now and then are failure to feed. I’d say about 1 out of 10 magazines I would get a failure to feed and just recently I had one expansion issue with a spent casing but other than that I clean my AR often and have not noticed any “unusual” wear and tear.

  16. I’ve run about 30,000 rounds of Wolf 9mm through a Glock 19 pistol ( over a decade) and never had any problems at all, either with ammo or any additional noticeable wear on the pistol.

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