TMJ vs FMJ Ammunition: What’s the Difference?

What is the Difference between TMJ (or TMC) and FMJ Bullets?

Total Metal Jacket or TMJ projectiles are fully covered by their copper jacket, whereas Full Metal Jacket or FMJ has expose lead at the base of the projectile.

Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) v. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
On the left is Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) or Total Metal Case (TMC) on the right is Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Are TMJ bullets better than FMJ bullets?

There is not an accuracy difference between TMJ or FMJ projectiles and they can be found in the same grain weights as FMJ; 115, 124 and 147. So why choose a TMJ projectile over a full metal jacket? The fact the projectile is completely covered with no exposed lead, the Total Metal Jacket projectile will be cleaner, meaning you the shooter are exposed to less lead and your gun should be cleaner after a day on the range. 

What is the difference between TMJ and TMC bullets?

Nothing, different companies simply call these projectiles by different names. Both are fully encased lead projectiles with no exposed lead.

Which Companies make TMJ or TMC bullets?

Below is a small sampling of companies that manufacture TMJ and TMC rounds:

  • Ammo Inc makes most of its lineup in Total Metal Case,
  • Federal American Eagle Ammunition makes their 5.7x28mm 40 grain in a total metal jacket, they make 45 ACP in TMJ, and used to make 9mm 124 Grain in TMJ but have discontinued the item.
  • Federal Premium Practice & Defense makes a Total Synthetic Jacket.
  • CCI’s Clean Fire line of ammunition is Total Metal Jacket.
  • Speer Lawman makes a TMJ round as well.

Looking for TMJ or TMC projectiles? Check out this list of what we have in stock:

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