Why I Carry Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition as my Personal Defense Ammo

“Accurate, deadly, dependable,” was the company’s first slogan and J.W. Hornady summed-up his demanding performance specifications with the phrase, “10 bullets in the same hole”. Regardless of whether you’re a novice, or a seasoned shooter, chances are, you’ve run across the Hornady name in your searches for self-defense ammo – and for good reason.

If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you have seen the myriad of self defense ammo choices on the market today. I use Hornady 9mm +P “Critical Duty” ammo for personal defense, and here’s why…

  • FBI Tested and Selected – per their stringent tactical handgun tests
  • Flex Tip® design ensures reliability and impressive expansion, round-after-round
  • A jacket-to-core InterLock® band prevents the bullet and core from separating, allowing it to maintain its penetration performance vs. non-bonded bullets that falter in penetration tests
  • When the lead core and copper jacket of non-bonded bullets separate, the resulting lighter weight leads to a decrease in penetration power.
  • Capable of penetrating commonly encountered barriers outlined in FBI protocols (e.g. – sheet metal, plywood, heavy clothing, auto glass, etc.)
  • Even after penetrating the barriers, these nail-drivers will still plunge a remarkable 12” – 18” into gelatin molds!

Drop-by True Shot Gun Club or visit us online at www.trueshotgunclub.com today and give Hornady Critical Duty the shot it deserves!



25 thoughts on “Why I Carry Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition as my Personal Defense Ammo”

  1. benjaminmilesbennett

    Thank you for your opinion of the Hornady Critical Duty +P 9mm and Thank You for your faith in it’s consistent results.
    The reason I thank you for this little Op-Ed is because it’s in one of my midsized EDC Pistols because as a Shootist of 43 years, I stay loyal to what works. So much do I trust this specific load, I bought my Son his first box when he purchased his first carry pistol, the CZ P10c. Great Trigger On That Pistol By The Way.
    Anyhow, I appreciate your publishing my thoughts exactly on the Hornady Critical Duty +P 9mm… Indeed it is truly “Accurate, Deadly and Dependable.”
    Be well, be safe and be blessed in all things,
    Sincerely And Respectfully Yours,

    Dr. Benjamin M. Bennett
    Bennett Custom Guns & Leather
    Corpus Christi, Texas

    1. Hordnadys Critical Defense is a very good round if you want to shoot targets or “naked animals” (no thick fur or heavy clothed “Targets”!). The Critical Duty is a PLUS “P” round, carrying more kinetic energy at point of impact (where it really counts, for penetration!). Overall, Hornady produces some of the Best Ammo out there (been using theirs for over 50 years, and carry +P Ammo in ALL my EDC pistols). Hope this helps, and look up some reviews if you have time.

  2. The most unfortunate event is to be in a situation of having to defend yourself with deadly force. Should it occur I want to feel as certain as I can that the weapon and round I’m carrying offer as close to 100% dependability as possible. For me I prefer a revolver as my carry weapon and I use Hornady Critical Defense ammo. This configuration gives me the highest level of comfort should I need to protect myself or family. The deliberate action needed to be the survivor of a confrontation, that I hope and pray never occurs, requires a weapon that won’t jam at the worst possible time thus the revolver and ammo that has earned a history of consistency which Hornady has. This is just my opinion and I am always open to listen to others opinions based on their experiences. DanC. Rockwall, Texas

  3. Nice article. I’m having a tough time finding Hornady 9mm right now and the price wow. Where I think Hornady shines is even if you don’t use Hornady in all you pistols, I use it my pistols, mainly G-43, because it jams on a full magazine. So I use Hornady 9mm +P as the first two bullets in the magazine. For me, doing this insures that it will rack and not jam. It is the easiest bullet to load as a hollow point.

    1. If your gun is jamming on a full mag then something is wrong with it and you should get it check out as that should not be happening. I would contact Glock.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I like the +P because most of my guns have short barrels for carry, so the FPS speed of the bullet is much less than larger guns. I top off all my magazines with hornady because with a full mag you can have trouble feeding, but the flex tip feeds like a FMJ. Thirdly, I like the critical duty because in a gun fight your opponent may seek cover behind a car or truck door. This round will blow right through the door, and that is what it is designed to do.
    thank you Hornady

  5. I’ve been a Hornady user my whole “hunting” life. My “fandom” was reinforced when I visited the Hornady factory in Grand Island, Nebraska as a result of an unfortunate vehicular incident, lol. Basically, I had a vehicle breakdown about a mile from the Grand Island exit off the highway. I had no idea the factory was based there until I found out the parts for my vehicle wouldn’t be in for a couple of days, and after inquiring about things to do in the area in the meantime the mechanic told me about the tours Hornady does in their factory. I took the tour and was blown away by the employees diehard pride in their products. They have the most stringent high quality standards, and the most impressive R&D and testing facilities in the industry. Period! They WILL NOT allow a bad batch of product to leave their facility. They’ll destroy the entire batch if any of the tolerances are not within acceptable bounds. They don’t mess around with their reputation. Quality and reliability are their mission. If their rounds don’t live up to their advertising, they won’t put it on the market.
    All that being said, I’ve used Hornady almost exclusively my entire life. I’ve never had experienced a failure or underperformance of ANY Hornady munitions. Period. I use Hornady in all of my hunting rifles to great success. I also trust my life and that of my family’s with Hornady Critical Defense and Hornady Critical Duty ammunition in all of my concealed carry and open carry pistol applications. And though their ammo is competitively priced, in ammo shortages I will pay more for Hornady ammunition over cheaper priced products and brands out there simply because I know that Hornady ammunition has never failed me. I have 100% confidence that if I have to squeeze the trigger, that round will fire exactly as the manufacturer intended. There may be “hotter” rounds on the market that fire faster or with more force. But nothing I’ve shot is more “keyhole” accurate. Hornady is reliable and dependable, and my money is on them, hands down!

  6. Ivee shot the 115 Critical Defense in review on YouTube through bulletproof Lexan and stacked aluminium and wood doors with sheet metal behind it. It partially penetrated the bulletpoof Lexan and most of the bullet came out the other side and through the sheet metal behind it. Of all of the 9mm brands we shot that day, the Federal HST Law Enforcement ammo performed the best through the doors while the 115gr Hornady FTX Critical Defense performed better on the Lexan with the tip of the bullet traveling through.

  7. Thanks for Your Information about Hornady Critical Duty Plus P 9 Millimeters Ammunition. Can You Send Me the Price per Box of 20 and Case of 500 and 1000 rounds? You Mentioned the 43X Glock. Is It Okay to Shoot the 9 Mm Plus P Ammunition in My 43 and 43X? I Have Enjoyed Using Your Shot Laser with My 9 Mm and 40 Mm. Do Your Practice Lasers Come in AR 15 Caliber? I Have Enjoyed Using True Shot for Many of Your Products and I Have Been Very Happy with Your Prices and Information. Blessings

  8. My EDC is a PX4 Storm and its .40 cal. and I always use Hornady critical defense , as a former US Army 82nd Airborne inf. sniper I understand that the last thing I want to happen is to have to use my weapon on any living thing, but if I ever must I have a lot of range time with my handgun and the Hornady C.D. ammo and I have not had any issues with the weapon or the ammo , and Im talking about over a 1000 rounds of range time in the past 3 years that tells me all I need to know about what I want in my handgun. God please never let me have to put someone down .

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