Today’s “Don’t be that guy”

Todays, “don’t be that guy” are for those of you still out there carrying inside the waistband without a holster. Seriously, stop it. Just stop it. Never before have there been so many options for cool, inexpensive and effective holsters for sale.

Seriously. Stop carrying without a holster.

I don’t want to hear that your gun has a safety either. Carrying without a holster is not only dangerous (think appendix carry accidents), but it doesn’t look cool either.

When it comes to your EDC set up, we always suggest custom Kydex holsters. Why? Good question, I’m glad you asked. First, they are molded to your particular model of firearms ensuring a secure fit. Second, the Kydex (Kydex is a brand of thermoplastic sheets) holsters come in a ton of colors so you get the look you want, not just a standard black or leather holster, our most popular is black carbon fiber. I understand you hardcore operator types will say, “well yes but its not a level 2 holster” but the average person carrying does not need a level 2 or level 3 holster. (Level 2 holsters will have a button to release the firearm from the holster and level 3 will have a button and a strap over the gun aka overkill).


 Fun fact – Kydex has a wide variety of applications, not just for holsters, but aircraft bulkheads are made of Kydex! Whether you purchase a holster from us or from the myriad of companies out there hawking holsters, do yourself a favor and buy a quality Kydex holster, for your safety and the safety of others.




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