What’s with the Wolf Gold 223 anyway?

We get a lot of questions here at True Shot, most of them good. Thankfully, this blog post is about one of the good questions we get. Mainly surrounding Wolf Gold 223 55 grain ammunition. Yes, wolf built a reputation for making steel ammunition, and yes, they make awesome and affordable 7.62×39 ammo which is why you probably know of Wolf in the first place (Shameless plug on the best price on 7.62×39 in the country, click here!).   So they question, or statement I should say we get from first time customers about Wolf Gold 223 is, “sure the price is great, but I don’t shoot steel!” Wolf Gold is their brass line of ammo and its a fantastic product. To make this is easy as possible, because I was confused as well, and avoided Wolf like the plague because you guessed it, I personally don’t shoot steel either! Below is a quick guide to Wolf’s brands and the cases associated with each:

  • Gold = Brass cased
  • Performance = Steel cased
  • Polyformance = Steel cased
  • Military Classic = Steel cased

The second question we get all the time about Wolf Gold 223 55 grain, is “well is it any good?” In a word? Yes! In two words? Hell yes! We have sold millions upon millions of rounds and not one person has complained! Plus, Wolf has a 100% satisfaction guarantee in that “if you are not fully satisfied WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition….” Still don’t believe us? Check out the videos below, that us, shooting full auto with Wolf Gold 223.

Kyle shooting full auto, suppressed, SBR.

We only sell what we shoot and we love this stuff, great ammo at a great price! If you’re plinking or target shooting do yourself a favor and buy some, do us a favor and tell your friends about us!


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